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OxyBreath Pro™ Mask is an effective advanced air anti pollution mask. It helps to take deep, clean & healthy breathe. Official website, Usage & get at 50% off.

How Does OxyBreath Pro™ Mask Save You From Dreadful Diseases?

OxyBreath Pro

Coron@virus is spreading threat in the whole world. Started in the city of China, this virus is slowly touching the countries of the globe. It has already reached in North America, Australia and some parts of Europe.

In such a sick environment, every person in the world is taking extra care. Coron@virus is the disease that spreads through touch and contact. To avoid contact, many people use ordinary masks to cover their mouths and face.

OxyBreath Pro Mask is used latest technology breathing mask that protects you from diseases such as Coron@virus. It also saves you from harmful particles, germs, and viruses.


Design of the product

The main material of OxyBreath Pro™ Mask is microfiber. This material is tested in the labs by topnotch technicians and medical teams. This mask may not affect your skin and cause skin itchiness and infection. It has a size of 27×14 cm. Besides that, this face cover does not leave harmful effects in the body such as headaches or migraines.

Further, this face mask is free of chemicals, gases, and toxic elements. It also suits every skin type. You can use this face mask for a long time. It is also recommended by experienced medical teams and doctors.Oxybreath Pro Mask


Product specifications


  • Type of material: Microfibre
  • Breathing valve: New 3.0
  • Product Information: Breathing mask
  • Protection level: KN95
  • Is the breathing valve included? Yes
  • Style of wearing mask: Perfect to wear over or around the ears
  • Filter effect: 96% and above

Features of OxyBreath Pro™ Mask


  1. Fits all face sizes

The design and nice stitching work of OxyBreath Pro Mask make it perfect for all face sizes. Whether it is male, female or kid, this cover gives exact fitting to the face. Furthermore, it does not slip from the face.

  1. Covers full mouth and nose 

Bacteria and viruses enter the body through the nose and mouth. His breathing mask covers full mouth and nose. Further, it gives maximum protection to your mouth.

  1. Lightweight mask

OxyBreath Pro Mask is a very lightweight breathing mask. It is easy to carry this mask in the travel bags or suitcases. You can wear this face cover in the schools, college, office or any other public places. Apart from that, it is a portable mask that you can store anywhere in the home.


  1. Simple to use

There are no tough instructions to use OxyBreath Pro™ Mask on your face. You have to only keep this mask over or aro


und the ears. It does not have settings or buttons to adjust to the face.

Oxybreath Pro Mask


Benefits of OxyBreath Pro™ Mask

  • Protection from harmful diseases

OxyBreath Pro™ Mask is the compact breathing mask that protects your face from viruses and bacteria. Apart from that, it saves you from cough and cold. Furthermore, this mask reduces the chances of diseases such as coronavirus and viral fever.

  • Easily washable

You can easily wash this breathing mask with cold or hot water. Besides that, you can also use liquid soap and detergents to wash this breathing mask. Furthermore, this mask gets dry within a few minutes.

  • High-quality fabric

Containing premium quality material, this breathing mask does not cause skin diseases, itchiness or infection. Apart from that, the nice quality fabric keeps you comfortable while breathing. It does not cause suffocation or shortness of breath.

    • Anti-dust mask


OxyBreath Pro™ Mask can be worn in any type of climate. The fine quality fabric of this breathing mask can resist sun rays, rainwater, and snow. Apart from that, this mask does not damage or spoil due to dust, pollutants or other harmful chemicals. You can wear this mask in any place.

  • Good in traveling

If you love to ride bikes or cars for many hours, you must purchase OxyBreath Pro™ Mask. It will protect your face from toxic chemicals and gases. Apart from that, it stops smoke and other elements to enter your respiratory system. You can wear this mask while going for picnics and business tours.

    • Good health


Dust, smoke, viruses, and bacteria can cause various health hazards in the body. Wearing OxyBreath Pro™ Mask daily will improve your health. It will protect your body from dust, pollutants, and bacteria. This face cover will also keep your respiratory healthy and strong.


    • Oxybreath Pro Mask


  1. Hi .. I am Martin from New York. Since childhood I was suffering from asthma. I used many face masks but they didn’t give an effective performance. Then one of my friends told me about OxyBreath Pro™ Mask. I ordered it online and used it for a few days. This is the best quality face cover to protect the mouth and nose. I wear it every day while riding the bike or car. Apart from that, it is perfect to wear while going for the morning walk.
  2. I am Sophie from Arizona. We have very bad quality air in our surroundings as my house is near the factory zone. Due to the high amount of smoke and dust, my family members and kids used to get allergies. Then I read the reviews of OxyBreath Pro™ Mask and ordered it from the site. My family members feel healthier than before with the regular use of this face cover. It is a great product.

Reviews of the customers

Many customers use OxyBreath Pro™ Mask in their daily lives. They say that it covers the full mouth and nose. Some people say that they get protection from dust, pollutants, and viruses while riding bikes or cars.

Few customers say that this face cover has good fabric that does not cause skin allergies. Apart from that, some people with respiratory diseases get relief by using this breathing mask each day.

Oxybreath Pro Mask

Where to get the product from?

You can get OxyBreath Pro™ Mask only from the official site of the manufacturer. You have to first fill the online form. Then you need to write all your personal details like name, address, contact details and email ID. Further, you have to make payment using cash or credit/debit card. The product will reach your registered address within 3 to 4 business days.

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