Interesting facts you must know about Valentine’s Day


February is the month of love, romance and gift. It is the month when couples all over the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is the day when married and unmarried couples exchange their feelings for one other by the way of gifts and cards.

One of the most interesting facts of Valentine’s Day is that it is celebrated to honor the saint named Valentinus. Let us discuss some of the other Valentine’s Day facts:

  1. The Tradition of Giving Cards

We generally exchange greeting cards on this day. But do you know this tradition came before 600 years? In the year 1415, Charles Duke sent a poem to his wife during the period of his imprisonment in the Tower of London. This card is said to the oldest Valentine’s Day’s card.

  1. Chocolates

Chocolate is of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in the world. Most of the men purchase heart-shaped chocolates to gift their love on this day. In the U.S., people purchase chocolates of more than $1 billion on 14th February.

  1. Rebellion Day

This day has an interesting history. Years ago, Emperor Claudius was against Roman men marrying during the time of war. Saint Valentine was the one who did the opposite to this and perform secret weddings around him. So, Valentine’s Day started mainly as rebellion day.

  1. Public holiday Declared By Henry Viii

Some of the most interesting Valentine’s Day facts include the story of Henry VIII. The king had 6 wives and he was a very romantic person too. In the year 1537, an official public holiday was announced by King Henry VIII. But, it is not officially a public holiday now.

  1. Different Ways of Celebration

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various ways all over the globe. In Latin America, it is celebrated as a day of love, lovers and friendship. In Japan, it is the tradition that women give sweet foods to their men to show their true love. The men then gift their women on March 14 which is known as “White Day”.

  1. Teachers Get Most Of The Gifts

On Valentine’s Day, the teachers all over the world get most of the gifts. They receive the cards and chocolates from kids, parents, pets, and wives too. This day is very beneficial for the teachers. Many kids gift flowers, a pen, and other stuff to their teachers on this day.

  1. Friends Day

If you are a bachelor or single, you can celebrate “Friend’s Day” on 14th February. In Finland, people celebrate Ystavanpaiva which is called “Friend’s Day” in English. Just like a couple, friends gift greeting cards, chocolates, and flowers to one other and celebrate the day with immense joy. It is one of the best ideas to give happiness to every person.

  1. Red Rose History

Some of the most interesting facts of Valentine’s Day connect to Rome. Red rose is the most popular gift given by men to their women on this day. But do you know the history of gifting red roses on this day? This tradition originally started in Rome. Red rose was the favorite flower of Venus who was Goddess of love. Until today, we believe in this tradition and gift red roses to our spouse.

  1. Some other Beliefs

Different beliefs persist in different cultures in relation to Valentine’s Day. In Welsh culture, people believe that if the child is born on this day, he/she will have more than 1 lover. It is also believed that hens hatch eggs on this day, the eggs will get rotten.

  1. Letters to Juliet

Verona city of Italy receives more than thousands of letters addressing Juliet on Valentine’s Day. Then Juliet Club gives a reply to each letter and gives “Dear Juliet” prize to the letter that is most romantic of all.


These are some of the unknown Valentine’s Day facts. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, the couples all over the globe are gearing up to celebrate the day with great joy and happiness.

Make this day more special by giving a unique gift to your spouse. If you single, gift your friends and celebrate this day.

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