AIRJOI Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag


The AirJoi is an air deodorizer bag that makes use of bamboo charcoal to attempt as well as eliminate air-borne contaminants as well as protect against the development of mold and mildew, mildew and also microorganisms.

What makes this item intriguing is that it helps you fulfill your objective of keeping your spaces scenting fresh without utilizing chemicals or scents. This means you don’t have to bother with strong fragrances or security issues if your kids or pets obtain the cleanser.

In our evaluation of this product, you’ll get the thorough details you need to comprehend if this item can help you evaporate spaces in your home and also keep the air fresh.

How the AIRJOI Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Works?

Recognizing exactly how the AirJoi detoxifies the air in your home is vital to your determination concerning how handy this item can be in your particular house environment.

Each bag of AirJoi has “turned on charcoal,” which is a method of making the product more porous. Bamboo charcoal is especially permeable, which suggests all those tiny holes can soak up odors and also impurities airborne.

” Activate (charcoal) functions by a process called ‘absorption,’ which collects pollutants externally of the product as it goes by,” claimed Patrick Holmes an air high quality specialist in your home Air Top Quality Guides. “Think of it like a magnet that contaminants stay with.”

Location the AirJoi bag in the area you want to detoxify, wait a couple of days and you must begin to see a difference in the area’s smell.

When a month, you’ll need to put your charcoal bag in straight sunshine for two hrs. The sunshine’s UV rays reduce the effects of any kind of pollutants your AirJoi records.

Each bag lasts as much as two years.

How to Utilize the AIRJOI Charcoal Bag Properly?

The best area to make use of AIRJOI Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag remains in a tiny area where the air doesn’t have a chance to get away, Holmes claimed.

” The bags will certainly take numerous days to weeks to remove odors because of this absence of airflow. It requires time for the air in those rooms to move around sufficient to stream through the charcoal bag,” Holmes stated.

Based on this information, your charcoal bags would be most effective in the complying with locations:

Tiny spaces

Wardrobes are a suitable area, especially if you’re saving points that create smells like shoes or family cleansers.

Additionally, due to the fact that these bags do not utilize chemicals or scents, you do not need to stress over potentially unbearable mixes of fumes, poor scents, as well as scents. Instead of simply covering up the smell with even more scents, you’re removing the odor from the air.

How Does the AirJoi Contrast to Other Air Purifiers?

As you look for an option to cleanse the air in an area or rooms in your home, it is necessary to take into consideration several alternatives.

2 competitors to the AirJoi are filtered air purifiers and also air ionizers.

AirJoi vs. Filtered Air Purifiers

Filteringed system air detoxifies suck air via a filter that catches irritants and smells. These makers range in rate from as low as $30 to past $300 relying on exactly how big a space you need to detoxify.

Their benefit is that they draw air in and can remove greater than 99% of the fragments airborne, whereas a charcoal bag will not have near the very same effectiveness.

The downside is that these machines need filter replacements every 3 to 4 months. This causes reoccuring expenses of at least $15 to $20 per filter three to 4 times a year.

If your goal is to remove irritants in a space, a filtered air purifier will be your most efficient option. However, if you intend to eliminate smells and also wetness in a space, the AirJoi will fit you much better.

AirJoi vs. Air Ionizers

Air ionizers release ions right into the air that bind with irritants and also drag them down to the ground.

The advantage of these equipments is that they do not need filter replacements. Nevertheless, they make the room they’re in very dirty. Thus, you’ll have to cleanse the space every day to get rid of the dropped allergens. Additionally, air ionizers don’t function well in high-traffic locations like a family pet’s room.

The AirJoi is the far better selection for you if you desire smell elimination or moisture decrease. While the product is restricted in its capability to remove allergens, it does not call for the everyday vacuuming and also dusting an ionizer would certainly.

The Bottom Line: Is the AIRJOI Charcoal Bag the Right Service for You?

Charcoal-based air purifiers are a genuine way for you to get rid of odors as well as dampness. For this reason, AirJoi charcoal bags could be an efficient, chemical-free solution for freshening up your closets, washrooms or smaller sized areas.

Based on our study, our company believe this product is a great suitable for certain situations yet a bad choice in various other circumstances.

Who It’s Good For:

You Shop Your Shoes in Your Bedroom Wardrobe: Shoes are one of the major perpetrators of bad scents in constrained spaces. Any bedroom wardrobes that have doors as well as home shoes are great areas to place AirJoi bags.

You Dislike Fragrances: If you have allergies, you can be especially conscious any kind of air fresheners that mask smells instead of neutralizing them. AirJoi’s use odor-free charcoal is a significant benefit for you.

You Drive Children in Your Car: AirJoi charcoal bags can be a lifesaver if you have children that make messes in your automobile. Positioning 1 or 2 bags under the seats will assist reduce the effects of odors that may arise from old food under seats or filthy baby diapers you altered in the cars and truck and failed to remember to discard.

That It’s Bad For:

Eliminating Allergens Is Your Main Problem: If you have a room with irritants like dust, plant pollen or pet dander, the AirJoi isn’t the most effective option. It can not draw allergens toward it like a filtered air cleanser, which means it’s not as effective in allergen elimination as you’ll need it to be.

You Required to Remove a Smell ASAP: The AirJoi takes a couple of days to function, which suggests it isn’t best for your scenario if the area you wish to detoxify has a foul odor. For instance, if your pet dog has a mishap on the rug in your wardrobe, it will take at least a number of days for the AirJoi to remove the odors. These kinds of smells can be excruciating.

As a result, cleansing the rug where the crash occurred would certainly be a much more suitable solution.

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